How do I create a Mouse Sensitivity Option?

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  • First I tried with lerp, but that didn't work good of course, worth the try.

    Second I tried with 8 Direction, didn't work at all either.

    Third and last I tried is by changing the Bullet Speed of the Sprite and moving it every tick at this angle angle(MouseController.X, MouseController.Y, Mouse.X, Mouse.Y). This one doesn't work either as it's just as lerp when it's slow and when it's fast it teleports around which completely destroys my crosshair system.

    I would appreciate any ideas on this as I can't think of anything good that feels like a mouse pointer.

  • You can increase sensitivity, but it's not possible to decrease it with standard methods. Even if you replace the mouse cursor with slow-moving sprite, when the real mouse cursor hits the corner of the screen, Mouse.X and Mouse.Y coordinates will no longer change and your sprite will also stop.

    The only solution I believe is to use this (or a similar) addon:

    It allows you to read "raw" values of mouse movement and you may be able to use them to move the sprite cursor.

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  • Well that's kinda stupid :/

    Thank you for the info =]

    p. s. I accidentally posted on c2 forums since I was browsing it, so I can't use a plugin

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