How do I create a "Mastermind" Game with Construct 2 ?

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  • I search for many websites but I can't find where can I do it easily with C2, i'm not very good in C2 so that's why i'm asking for help

    Thank you

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  • First off are you doing this in Construct 3 or 2? Because this is the Construct 3 section of the forum, and it makes a difference because Construct 3 has a few tools that Construct 2 does not have that would make this game significantly easier to make.

    What have you tried?

    You can start with the interface, that includes the visuals of your game board, as well as mechanics such as drag and drop, snapping to board positions, and overwriting/undoing. You'll probably want some sort of instance variable to keep track of what row is "active" to limit what is interactable.

    As for game mechanics, you'll need a way to set the correct solution, which involves getting a non repeating random set of colors. There are lots of topics on the forums about this. After that you'll need a way to check an inputted guess row for correct or partially correct answers.

    You should make an attempt to create the game yourself so you can work through the logic, then if you have a specific question post what you've tried and ask again. Otherwise it will end up being someone else just making the game for you.

  • OP mentions using C2 so moved to the Construct 2 How do I forum

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