How do I create a map and calculate distances between points

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  • Hi, so here's what I'm trying to do: create a map with cities on it. That bit is fairly easy, but then I'm also interested in setting or calculating the distance between each city, so I can determine how long it would take to travel from one city to the next. I'm not a great programmer, but my initial two ideas are either to create an invisible grid and somehow count the tiles between two cities and then convert that to a distance. Or, calculate the actual 'physical' distance between the cities on the map (I googled and found this thread: )

    Are any of these ways feasable or is there a better, smarter way? It would be even more awesome if I could implement the option of multiple routes between each city, say a fast and a slow one for instance. But that would mean that I can't just calculate the distance in the ways I propose above, because they would calculated be in 'bird's flight' I think.

    So basically, an example would be "You are in city A. Do you want to travel to city B? It will take you X days" (or seconds or whatever).

    I hope this question makes sense. And thanks in advance!

  • Either work it out prior, add it to an array. Like a grid of cities (like the pokemkn effective types chart)

    Or if you have one giant map with the cities on. You can have text say

    "time to city"& (distance (city A.x,cityA.y,cityB.x,cityB.y))/speed

    This should give the time estimation... for a straight line...

    If you have roads, i would advise getting a path finding bot to run the route, set a timer, and stop it when it reaches the target city. Write this down lol

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  • Thanks for the tips, I'll try it out!

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