How do I create a magnificent sun with 'Shadow Light'

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  • I'm trying to find a workaround for making this new feature behave like a real light.

    Like on AS3.

    More precisely: I'm trying to set the 'ShadowLight' element to behave like a sun and all the shadowcasters to just block the light (the sunrays).

  • check the examples folder there are 3 to look at if you haven't already.

  • You mean like in this test (see first post) ? (Sorry, I can't see anything relevant following your link)

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  • eli0s Your try is beautiful indeed.

    This was the relevant part of the link I provided, a serie of demos with real-time volumetric lighting effects in AS3.

    What I'm trying to achieve is similar to yours, I think. Please take a look at my example. It's an early test with some debug features, it lacks of a sun sprite and the sun that will be added is now represented by the position of the mouse. I'm trying to build a setup where shadows are not shown but only sunrays are, if they're not blocked by something (the clouds more importantly and the dragon maybe).

    It looks like you put the collision mask in a strange way that it pleases me very much.

    These are my collision masks, at the moment.

  • sadNES great art! I love the dragon! I have a nostalgic feeling from my childhood, reminds me a Chinese (I think) animation about a boy and a dragon that was broadcasted very long ago...

    What you want to achieve is in essence the exact opposite from what the lighting system does at the moment. Surely if we had masks it would had being quite possible. Perhaps with some blending modes... Let me think about it, try something out. I'll be back (with the T-800 voice).

  • The Neve Ending Story! =)

  • henriquesv ahhh, that is an other amazing memory, but it isn't the one I am referring to. That was a traditional animation cartoon. The translation was something like "Chinese stories"... I don't remember <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

    I'll search for it now that I made you go thru the trouble searching. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    -EDIT I've found it! It was titled Chinese stories (fairytale) but now that I listen to the music it's actually Japanese, so the title was probably poorly translated in Greek!

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    here is one episode, dubbed in Greek...

  • sadNES unfortunately, I can't get the blending modes work the way I want. Essentially, we want the shadow beams to cut thru an other layer that will hold a sun glow. The problem is that the blend modes ignore black/white values (gray-scale masking) and only care for opaque areas. I can't find a way to make the shadow casting layer (using destination out or source atop blend modes) to cut thou an other layer below that will have the Sun and the glows.

    I had to resolve in some fake workaround, that use the shadow layer with an overlay effect that cast a darker sky color, and some texture glows/rays to fake the Sunlight.

    See the attached capx.


    I am guessing that this isn't very light on resources and I am not sure if this is the correct way to spawn the ShadowObjects on the Cloud Image points. Feel free to improve upon it

  • Thanks for the SunRays.capx eli0s! Awesome effect!

  • eli0s Oooh, thank you very much my friend. I'm giving it a few tries to obtain exactly what I want.

    I'm glad I let you swim in the past, it actually is the dragon from Spirited Away, Haku. I gave a look at your website, I can't understand a thing but I love the mood of the animations, that white entity reminds me of the artwork style in Yume Nikki, a little african and mysterious.

  • sadNES you are welcome! Based on the same principles, I made an other capx, this time with a sunset theme. I've uploaded on this other topic, it's the last post on page 5 (

    It's being so long since I saw Spirited Away, now I have to watch this masterpiece again

    Thank you for taking the time and look at my site. It is actually not a finished site, it just holds some blog-ish reports that I made for my graduate project. You can however play the actual "game", (I prefer to see it as an interactive narration) which it's on the same page. Here is the direct link

    Note, you ' ll need a somewhat powerful laptop or a decent PC to play it properly and I strongly suggest using Chrome.

    Keep it up!

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