How do I create a lotto barrel

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  • Hello,

    Im a bit stuck at this. I want to make a barrel by connecting up 8 rectangle 'planks'

    and have a few balls in there bouncing around as it rotates. If i make a 'sprite' png

    circle and try to put a ball inside obviously it starts on the top as the center of that

    drawn circle is really a square.

    I tried to use set collision polygon in a circle shape but its only recommended to use 8.

    How to create a circle so a sprite can exist inside circle?

    Is this easy to do thanks?

  • If you switch to using the Physics behavior, it will allow you to set the collision mask to a circle. Also consider that Physics may give you more control and make your bouncing balls more interesting.

  • Howdy, i already am doing that. Hard to explain..if you see example its a crappy square..i want a perfect circle

    which i cant seem to do..any ideas?


    Went through the demos cant see how to make a circle made with inbuilt editor to be 'empty' inside

    so working like the "square" example but is a i missing something?

  • Here's how I'd do it:


    You can increase the variable numberOfSides to make it rounder. I used sin() and cos() to convert the angle of the center object into X and Y position for the borders

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  • Thanks, it was interesting to see how you did it. Im more visual in that i like to 'see' the circle

    in the layout and its hard to imagine or place the rest of scene/objects without physically

    seeing it..well for me

    But...i can see some uses for this already and the maths is great learning too, so thanks for


    EDIT: Oh,i guess i can use the green sprite as a placement of where i want the circle i guess.

    Hmm..ok, thanks will try that.

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