How do I create a local variable?

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  • The Docs say this: "right-click on an event, another variable, or an empty space in the event sheet, and select Add global variable or Add local variable."

    When RMB on the event sheet I only get the add Global variable option. No local options, I know this is a dumb question, but, I just don't see it? I tried creating a group and then doing this as well to see if I needed to define a local space first, but it's still the same result....

    By the way I own the personal license so I know it can't be that I am limited by the free version. Thanks for the help in advance.

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  • You can only create Local variables on sub-events.

  • I think you can create a global variable and then drag it onto an event where it will automatically become a local.

    Not experienced enough to know if there's another way - saw this on English Acorn's Variable video on Youtube.

  • Thanks for the replies. I finally found it. I actually had to RMB on an actual subevent and then scroll in the dropdown to an "add" option which then game me another dropdown menu that included the local variable. I got it working now though!

  • Just select an event and press 'v'

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