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  • Hello again probably another obvious question to answer.

    I am currently working through the tutorial on adding leaderboards to a game.

    On this page, it says:

    First we update the player score text using the 'Score' variable. We can access it because it is global (shared across all event sheets).

    Followed by a for loop, to go from row 2 to the last one and create the text fields along the way. The row variable is very important to set because we will use it again later to know which row should show which score.


    I have done the score text, but can anyone give me more information on how to setup for the for loop. Also in the image below this it shows the creation of a 'local number' I know how to setup a global number on the event sheet but I cant seem to find any information on this tutoiral or other tutorials on how to create the local number.

    Any tips and answers to this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • local variable are either global variable you nest under an event (drag&drop under an event and slightly to the right so it gets nested)


    something you can create by right clicking on a nested event.

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