...create an Lighningt/Bolt als Weapon?

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  • Hello and sorry about my English ;)

    A little pre-info: Years ago i try out MMF, TGF and some other Creation-Tools, just for fun. Now, after a loooong break, i want to try out again some Creation-Tools and i found Construct2. I downloaded the Free-Edition, but i will by an Personal-Licence in the next days - i swear ;)

    (its much greater then other Tools i tried out)

    So, what do i want from you?

    (i hope i can explain it, so you understand)

    I need help creating an kind of Lightning/Bolt effect, using as weapon/bullet.

    When Player "shot", he shots an Lightning/Bolt out of his "weapon" in direction of, maybe MouseX,Y or enemy - like an Laser from any other Games and great Tutorials i found here - but it should not be only an straight line between Player and Enemy/MouseX,Y. It shoud have some random-directions, so it looks more like an Bolt, an Lightning...

    I Hope you understand what i tried to say?

  • Use Photoshop ! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • For What?!?

    I don't want an Bold-Graphic - that looks always the same...

    And when i stretch the Graphic to the distance between "Player" and "Enemy", it does not look like very good.

    It should be an random-like-Bolt!

  • Construct 2 needs vector graphics support <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Years ago i created this effect with ***, but now, today, i don't know how i does it exactly...

    It was anything like: mouse-clicks - create bolt (graphic with 16x1px and action-points on the right and left side) - set direction to mouse +/- random - and always when bolt is in game-area - create another bolt at the end of the bolt before - set direction to old Bolt +/- random - like an chain-reaction - and when animation is over - destroy bolt.

  • Try your bet with the canvas plugin ...

  • Don't know what to do with Canvas-Plugin... I tried a bit, but don't know what to do...

    I'm sorry...

    Dou you even understand, what i mean with "lightning/bolt"?

  • I had a go. This isn't actually the effect I was going for but I think it's kind of cool. This is very much a work in progress (messy event sheet) but it might give you ideas.

    lightningTest.capx (r114)

    If you just want a single bolt, disable event 8.


  • I found THIS thread for Construct Classic, but i can't open the files, when i download Constuct Classic...

    Would be great if anyone can explain me, how to create lightnings like this (or very very similar)...

  • I found this random midpoint displacement algorithm here:


    and made an example:


  • ramones That's some awesome electricity right there.

  • OMG! Thats really impressive and great and exactly what i'm looking for!

  • Okay, i played a little bit with your example and created THIS.

    I tried to make an obstacle, where player can't shot trough - but... take a look...

    I think it's not enough to "destroy" lightning, when it collides with obstacle ;)

  • Yeah you'd want to move the endpoint to the point on the wall where the lightning should hit.

    lightningBlockedByWall.capx (r114)

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