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  • I'm new to both Construct and Box2D physics, so I apologize for the newbie question.

    I've created a seesaw. I'd like the user to be able to attach multiple balloons to a hook.

    So I've got 3 parts: a balloon, a string, and the seesaw hook.

    I've looked through the joint and pin tutorials, but I've so far been unsuccessful in getting the results I want, aka:

    The balloon is attached to the string, which is attached to the hook. The balloon has a certain amount of lift, and raises one end of the seesaw up to a height. As the user attaches more balloons, the seesaw is lifted up higher.

    So I'm not understanding what sort of attachments I should be using (distance joints, revolute joints, pin), and I'm not sure how to correctly apply force.

    Any ideas or pointers on where to look?

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  • The pin behavior doesn't work well with the physics behavior. Revolute joints will work fine, you can swap them out with the other joints if you wish and see the difference.

    To create lift just apply a force up on the balloon:

    "Ballon:Apply force 100 at angle 270", change "100" to whatever value you like to adjust the amount of lift.

  • Thank you so much, R0J0hound! This was really helpful

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