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  • Hi all,

    I wanted to post this and ask some basic questions again.

    I realize I can create games out of the box with Construct however;

    1) When you all create your elements for your games, what software

    are you using and why?

    I know Photoshop is big, how would you recommend I start learning to

    create game art (my own elements) is what I'm asking?

    2) How well would my 3D skills translate to being used in Construct?

    3) There are software like Tiled out there for creating terrains or interface layouts,

    Do you advise using the native Construct tiler or trying others in unison?

    4) My first game will have at times quite a few elements on screen at crucial points,

    in creating the art what would you recommend I focus on?

    (Keep in mind that if you have ever seen a game like bejeweled, Iam looking

    to create clean art like that, clean and easy to see).

    5) I will have to test my game(s) on multiple devices, so It would look like I need to invest

    in some equipment like a IPad or Stylus Pro3 and at least one android device, I have a Iphone now,

    Exactly how do you all test your games for these platforms?

    And would these purchases be a good idea now?

    6) I have seen a lot about the extending of the functionality of Construct, by using JavaScript, so I have begun a course in


    What software study progression (software's to study, ie. HTML5 etc..) would you all feel would best help me get

    the most out of Construct more quickly?

    7) Creating effects in construct will be important such as lighting effects, changes from color to color and speed

    of changes in effects from one to another; How would you recommend I begin learning to create my own?

    If not in construct, what would you recommend? 2D? 3D? other suggestions?

    Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this and help me out.

    I hope to have something to show you all, but I am stuck because I want to create my own elements and

    since I was a Character animator Iam having to learn to do things I never did before, so its back to school.

    I was never the guy to create elements or the effects, so that's a big issue for me because its something I

    want to learn to do.

    Basically I have walked into a giant sand storm and I tend to make things more difficult than needed, Iam hoping this post

    will take some of that out of the learning process.


  • 1) For pixel style I use PaintDotNet and do animations by hand. For something smoother, I use inkscape to make each component of my sprite and then spriter to animate.

    2) It depends on what you're doing. All I can think of in vanilla construct is 3D style sprites and parallax. However, if you're a fan of 3D I'd recommend Q3D which incorporates three.js into construct.

    3) I think the vanilla tile map in construct works fine. I'd say it's probably better to use than an image created by an external program because of how it can be manipulated as the game progresses.

    4) This one's tricky, and rather subjective, it depends on what you're looking for. Are the objects moving etc.

    5) I would not buy anything. Make the game for what you've got and let people who've already bought the tech you don't have do the testing on their devices.

    6) Construct 2 is based around HTML 5 so that is a good place to start. However, when it comes to coding, you can learn the principles in any language and transfer them to any other similar language; Java to C# to Python, Haskell to OCamel etc. Then all that's needed is a brush up on the syntax and a quick look over the native API's and any external ones you may be using.

    7) The effects Construct uses are WebGL effects which is a JavaScript API so to create your own, take your knowledge from point 6 and then look over the documentation of WebGL and get cracking.

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  • Took a while but thanks for the reply it has been a great help.

  • An addition to point 5 - check out Genymotion here: ... twitter#!/

    Lets you emulate any android device, so you may find it useful.

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