How do I create ladders?

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  • Hello Scirra Community,

    this is my first time posting here so I'm a bit unsure if I posted this in the right place.

    So I tried my hand on creating ladders and got something to work using groups and switching between 8dir movement and platform movement.

    Some information about the setup:

    The ladder Sprite has a jumpthru behavior and consists of 3 different animations. The main "ladder", the 2nd is the "ladderTop" which also includes an imagePoint called "topMarker" and the 3rd is the "ground" (which is only used for detection purposes and would be invisible later on. The jumpthru is only enabled for the "ladderTop" so you can walk around on top of the ladder.

    The ladder pieces have an instance variable called objName, which I use to check which part of the ladder the character is on.

    The character Sprite also has an imagePoint called "topMarker" which is used to compare where the top part of the ladder is. The reason why I used image Points is to later put them where the hands of the character are. I want to have the animation of the character pulling himself up at the top end of the ladder when his hand reaches the end. (Hope that made somewhat sense)

    Now I would like to know if you have better ideas how to go about creating ladders or in case you like mine tell me where I might be able to improve the code?

    Here is the capx: [attachment=0:lpz37zob][/attachment:lpz37zob]

    Thank you for your time~

  • there's a bunch tutorials about ladders on FAQ

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  • Woo! I had to find the FAQ. Here's a link for future me's looking for ladder help: (doh, URL removed: /forum/viewtopic.php?t=63588&start=0)

  • It is much more complicated, but consider making the steps of the ladder as single Solid objects, and let the player "jump" through them if he's under.

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