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  • Hi there,

    I Just try to create Items by reading an array, put all possible items into another array and pick randomly one of these items to generate a sprite which inherits all necessary informations.

    Actually, I can't figure out how to copy whole and specific rows/columns from one array to another.

    • I use excel to create my tables
    • Convert to csv (rex excel2csv)
    • Import with "rex csv2array" (Rows:Y / Cols:X)
    • Call a function "fnParam1=ceil(random(0,101))"
    • Start Loop "For Each XY"
    • Compare X=1, Y=Current, Value=fnParam(0)
    • Push Front current.Y into new array on y-axis

    Some Pictures to understand more clear...

    All I actually got is nothing more than being confused ... ^^

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