How do I create a item based event?

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  • Hello. I am new to Construct 2 and have been finding answers to most of my questions. This one i havent been able to.

    How do i create an event in my match 3 game that is item based? For example you have to match up so and so amount of a certain block to pass the level in a certain amount of time.

    Would i have to go to the particular item needed on that level and create a new behavior that does a countdown every time thats clicked. Then create a countdown event for that item so that every time that match is made it counts down or up for a specific amount.

    I am a pure noob, several projct ideas and trying to gather as much info as possible before doing anything, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. Tried searching on here and on google and i couldnt seem to find anything that fits.

    Is there a tutorial that i messed that would help me this? Any and all advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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  • This would be simple enough to make in C2. It's more about exactly what you need, you would need to explain the match 3 properly and what happens for anyone to give proper assistance. It sounds like you would mostly be making use of variables here though rather than behaviours.

  • Variables okay. Its a match 3 game thats similar to candy crush. You have to collect "acorns" to get to the next level. Lets say you need five acorns to get to level two. I want to be able to show how many acorns have been matched up and how many are left to go.

    Var could be the solution. I will keep googling. Thank you.

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