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  • I am working on a game where you can pick up lots of items and there is a big inventory. For now I want to make items automatically appear if you have the correct items in your inventory. Later on maybe add a crafting type thing.

    An example would be if you pick up the blue item and the green item into the inv array, and a purple item appears on the crafting array.

    I got it working using "the easy inventory example" I set if value is 1 (blue) on X (width) 1, and the value is 2 (green) on X (width) 2 is true then it would add purple to the crafting array, for the first level its OK, but as the game goes on payers might not pick up stuff in the correct order, is there an easy way to see if the number is in the array? I want to make it so that if Green and blue are anywhere on the X (width) it add purple to crafting. All my items are the same sprite just different frames like the example.

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