How do I create an interruptor ?

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  • How can i make an interruptor ?

    I'm new on construct 2 and sorry for my english

    I would like to create an interruptor. When i use it, it will make a plateform moves to a set position. If i use the interruptor again, the plateform will go to her initial position.

    I tryed to find a topic with the same problem but i didn't find it. i'm sorry if there is another one already


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  • Does the interruptor act like a switch? If you hit the switch (whatever it may turn out to be), it moves the platform somewhere. Then when you hit the switch again, it moves it back to original position?

    Is the interruptor visible on your layout and can you (or the user) interact directly with it? If so, I would also suggest looking at the MoveTo plugin to move the platform around:

  • Yes it's exactly what i would like to do.

    Thanks for the answer, i will take a look to this behavior !

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