How do I create an instructional overlay

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  • I want to create an overlay to instruct users on how to use my app. The overlay would point users to "list" objects and display some text explaining their purpose. The issue I am having lies with "list" objects as I cannot put an overlay on top of them. I am trying to use the sprite object which works well with all other objects except for my list objects. Any help greatly appreciated. P.S. I am open to any workarounds thanks.

  • Form controls are always on top. Not sure about a work around within c2 tbh.

    How about replacing the list with a sprite image of the list by making the list invisible when you are using the overlay.

  • Thanks for the reply! This is my current solution however I am not the best with graphics and struggling trying to make a sprite that looks just like my styled list object. I had hoped there would be a way to push those list objects down in z order but I may be out of luck. Thanks again.

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  • The easiest way to create a sprite of the list would be to do a screen cap of the actual list

  • Yes thank you again... I can do this from preview in the browser perfect! Couldn't think of how to screen cap with styling but preview will accomplish this perfectly.

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