How I create a Instance Variable <Varies>

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  • Hello, I want to know how I create a numeric family with a instance Variable like a <varies>,?

    I have a exemple with this instance Variable, but I can't replace...

    When I make a new virtual keyboard and put <varies> the C2 replace the <varies> to "0".

    In my family I have ten numbers(0...9), and each number have one instance variable.

    thanks so much!

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  • I'm not sure to understand your issue.

    The "<varies>" appears when you have several instances of the same object type and the instances have different values for their instance variable.

    You can't put the value "<varies>" to a numeric variable, since it is not the correct type (you're trying to put some text where numbers are expected).

    By default an instance variable can vary, so that's not something you have to put in.

    Perhaps explain in a clearer way what you're trying to do, and possibly post a capx of where you're at to makes things easier to understand.

  • Well, I try to create a virtual Keyboard, I have a .capx but I dont Know how I post here.

    I have in my project a famili and in this familie have ten numbers, each number have one instance Variable, but in my .capx that I have like a exemple, the famili have a Instance Variable call "keyNumbers", Type: numeric and initial Value= <varies>

    I would like to send my capx.


  • In this link exist a capx. like a my project!

    but without a families!

  • sorry, is Family!

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  • I did it!

    thanks so much!

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