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  • Hello !

    I would like to create instance from random objects (all inside a same family of course) and I don't know if it is possible or how to do.

    I tried System -> create object "my family" and it doesn't work. I hoped that I can use System -> create object "my family(a random number)" but I can't. (EDIT : forget about my family(a random number), it's based on UID or IID : it's not the subject, just a bad idea :D )

    Using array is not permited because it allows only number or text.

    Any idea ?

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  • Found it... Just have an instance in the layout for each object in the family.

    System -> create object "my family" creates one random instances !

    Manual says :

    "Create object

    Create a new instance of an object type on a layer at a given position. If a Family is chosen, a random object type from the family is picked, and an instance created for that."

    I saw the Family part but not the System actions part...

    Sorry for that topic !

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