How to create, import and export datas in a simple way?

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  • Hey there!

    Been searching through the forums a lot, and I still can't figure how to create, read, import, export and play with data files in Construct 2. I got that .ini files are not longer supported, but unfortunately that'd be quite what I am looking for.

    Basically, I need a way to write datas (mostly somewhat long texts) in a file myself prior to importing it into the game (so, a format I can easily write into... .ini would have been great), then import that file into the game and retrieve datas from it.

    But I'd also need to be able to write datas to files, and I'd like to know where those files are located.

    Is there any plugin(s) that would allow all of this?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Kan
  • It depends what you prefer. You can use built in XML or

    plugin made by Yann for JSON files (which I highly recomend)

    and for saving/loading files you can use NodeWebkit actions.

  • Thanks. I still can't figure how to save my data file (say, a JSON file) once I've added content to it.

    The NodeWebkit object's "Save" action doesn't ask me what to save, and besides I thought NodeWebkit works only for games exported to Windows. If so, that's a bit limited...

    Any idea?

  • Still no ideas about how to make this possible? Anyone?

  • There are many plugins for this if Ajax, webstorage and savegames are not what you want..

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  • I could see that, but nowhere I can find a way to save datas (texts, values, etc, not saving the state of the game) to an external file. Especially considering I would like to know and decide where that file will be saved.

  • That looks interesting, thanks. But is there any way to save and then read several separated datas? Like in an .ini file or an array, I can pick a variable or a "cell" in which to store one given number or line of text?

    It looks like NodeWebkit allows only to save or read an entire file rather than let you save and read one data out of many...

    (Besides, is NodeWebkit limited to only Windows applications? Or does it work on web and mobile apps too?)

  • bump any luck Kan ? i am asking because i have a similiar issue. and it must be something hyper-simple because the person who will do the data writing is not a programmer or anything.

  • Nope, no answer yet. This is just one of those topics no one seems to fully understand or to want to talk about like there is no way to do it...

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