How do I create a hover over tooltip with borders?

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  • Hi guys. First of all i'd like to say, that i am really happy, that i found Construct2 and this awesome community.

    It has resparked my hobbyish programming flame and is killing all my leisure time in the moment. In a good way.

    I got following problem / question. I need tooltips for my game, that appear when i hover over an item and display the name, a prepared tooltip text and so on.

    Maybe im missing something but i can either create textbox objects with borders, that only work with singleline output (even with plugins) OR text objects, on which i cant get borders working.

    I'd love some input on how you would takle this or maybe a capx where you already did something like this.

    Cheers guys

  • m0nkeybusiness

    The options are pretty limited - you can change the Type field of a TextBox to TextArea to get multiple lines (and then use CSS to make the background and border. Or use a sprite for the background and border and then place a text object on top of it. But then you need to know how much text will be displayed in advance, or resize the sprite after text has been set - using the TextHeight and TextWidth properties.

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  • TextArea was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much!

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