How do I create a hotbar.

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  • so I just got this program and have been enjoying it so far even made a terrible game but there is one thing I needed to know since I can't find it in the tutorials, how do I make a hotbar, it's for a sidescroller shooter i'm making and i want to be able to switch weapons on the click of a button. thank you.

    sincerely: Loki

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  • Loki

    i really want to help you... but this is a more advanced feature... so it would take way too much effort to show you if you dont know how to use all the feature of C2, it uses arrays and ID and more...what i can tell you is this

    look here in the forums, i recomend you kyatric's how do i list

    look if this has been asked before before asking..

    take a look at this:

    and this


    try to get more expirience using C2 and you might get to it by your self.

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