How do I create hills to automate continue?

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  • Hi

    I am new in construct 2. Can anyone create a sample project to create hills with this instruction( no plugin needed)

    I cant create it. please send a sample


    What have you tried so far?

    Minus the graphics, can you make that slope there with collisions?

    One way often used is to use multiple sprites to define the slope. So say you have a circle sprite you could place them in a row on the grass level. More advanced ideas would be to stretch a rectangle sprite from circle to circle to make the surface smoother.

    Anyway, to make the slope continue you just add sprites to the right of the last sprite.

    In the simplest case you can do this:

    Global x=0

    Global y=0


    compare: x < screenleft

    --- set y to 100*sin(x)+320

    --- create sprite at x,y

    --- add 32 to x

    The "set y" expression is how your slope is defined, and you can do anything with it. Some examples:

    100*sin(x)+320 is just a sine wave

    100*sin(x)+50*sin(x*3+22)+320 is two sine wave combined to make a varied slope.

    (noisejs.perlin2(x*0.44, 0.5)+1)*100+320 uses the noise plugin to use perlin noise.

    Noise plugin:

    terrain examples:



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  • need a help


  • Why not follow the answer you already got, because it's a good one..

  • Why not follow the answer you already got, because it's a good one..

    I cant create it can you create a sample for me ?

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