How do I create highscore for every layer

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  • Hello everyone! I have a question, Ive created a highscore system that works good only for all layers. In my game there are 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard). When i start easy level for example and get some score points bigger then i have on other layots highscores writes if to all three layers. How can i split highscore system to every layer?

    for easy - easy highscore

    for medium - medium highscore

    for hard - hard highscore

    Thanks for help!

  • Ok so i figured it out by myself. Just created copies of my score system ang gave it different names. That was pretty easy.

  • By layer I assume you mean layouts.

    I have run into similar issues with my current project which also has three difficulty settings, fortunately a point is a point in my game the difficulty just affects spawn levels.

    If I was trying to keep three separate high scores though I would make it easy on myself and use 3 separate global variables, one for each.

    I would either have the layout add to the difficulty variable for its type or I would set the values of the other 2 variables to say 11 when the difficulty button was clicked and just never have my highscore display my score keeping variables if they are 11...

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  • make a new sheet, use a function for your highscore event.

    include your highscore sheet into another event sheet,

    then call it whenever you want.

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