How do I create highscore board for a time attack game where you combine multiple varibles?

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  • hi everyone I am making a game where the player with the lowest possible time wins so I want to create a high scoreboard where the lowest time comes at the top of the board but not just that I need to combine multiple variables. since the player's minutes, seconds and milliseconds are all separate global variables.

    see and this is how I programed the time it is super simple every tick add 1 to milliseconds then when it reaches 99 add 1 to seconds and 60 seconds add 1 to minutes

    So I followed the instructions on how to create a scoreboard from a your tube video so this is what I have at the moment but of course, this only uses one global variable I set it to Your_time_minutes which is a global variable for how many minutes the player took.

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  • Not sure what you're doing here :D but I will say every tick is probably not a great idea for the timer because it will alter the number of miliseconds on different framerates so some players will be faster or slower than others that are actually taking the same amount of time, look into dt and framerate independence in the manual.

  • I am sorry I didn't make that clear at but your comment was useful I didn't know about delta time (my fault for not finished my C2 course before I started work on my game)

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