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  • Hi guys,

    In my game I have several ways to attack the enemy so I need to create a window to show the "help" like any other game (inside the layout I'm using), I was wondering if C2 has a specific way to do this or do I need to use another layout?

    thanks for your help

  • If you want to display it in the current layout, add a layer to the current layout and turn it invisible/visible on need.

    This layer will have to be the same in every layouts where it is supposed to be displayed.

    Using a second layout will allow you to go from one layout to another but won't allow you to display a "window" over the first layout/ two layouts at the same time.

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  • hmm i have another idea for example some people put sprites for learning like putting click x now or anything some hand touch blablabla... you can make sprite with all these stuffs with speed 0 and put the sprite where you want and change frame as you want and you can make like a hidden button if player collide with it the sprite comes visible if the sprite is invisible

  • thanks for your replies.

    I'm currently using the free version so I'm really limited with the layers, I'll use the zangerous suggestion.

    In a few days I'll upload the game, it's just awesome :)

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