How do I create a Google Play Leaderboard?

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  • I want to create a Google Play Leaderboard for my Cordova App. I already created a Leaderboard in my Google Developer Account.

    How do i have to make the events and how to link them together?


  • First you need to have an .apk online. Doesn't have to be live but you need your signature/footprint to link you rgame service to the app. If you have an apk uploaded you can go to google game service and link it to an existing app. It will show you all your possible apps.

    The you should integrate cranberry's game plugin. That gives you simple events like "submit score" and "open leaderboard". If you set this up you need to give it the "highscore id" shown in your google games setup. When you export it to intel xdk you need to add your google app id to that.

    It works very well.

  • Does that work?

  • I have a global variable with the Leaderboard id

    *what do you mean with the app id?


  • That is the cocoonjs plugin from ludei. It is extremly deprecated. You shouldn't use that in my opinion. I was talking about exporting cordova -> crosswalk -> intel sdk.

    App ID is a number you can find next to your game service bame in google developer console. The cocoonjs plugin would need that too. I think it was in the plugin settings.

    I cant help you any further. I haven't been using cocoonjs for over six month now. There are still some developers and believers who might be able to help you but I guess the number is decreasing.

  • So which plugin should i use now?

    Can you send me the Plugin name and ID?

    Or is it a Plugin for C2?


  • Es könnte um einiges einfacher sein Deutsch zu schreiben...

  • ... 5005605917


    you need the "game" plugin by cranberry, it is free.

    I don't want to talk german on the forum so other people can follow topics. If you have a complex question you can pm me.

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  • I got that error message now:

  • aquadijoib

    I'm stuck with that error message as well

  • aquadijoib You can try this - it works for me ...

    [quote:1aszt9ai]How to fix build error


    If the following build error occurs,

    Syntax error

    page contains the following errors:error on line 4 at column 31: attributes construct error Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    then open intelxdk.config.additions.xml and replace the following line.

    //Phonegap Game 1.0.63 ~

    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name=" --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'" intelxdk:value=" --variable APP_ID='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID'" />


    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="" intelxdk:value="" >

    <intelxdk:param intelxdk:name='APP_ID' intelxdk:value='YOUR_GOOGLE_PLAY_GAME_APP_ID' />


    (quote from ... HsiUrvZXWT)

  • grigrizljac

    Thanks for that

  • aquadijoib

    I'm stuck with that error message as well

    This is the solution: ... HsiUrvZXWT

  • ups you already have the solution

  • Really struggling with adding Google leaderboard. I have the cranberry game plugin, but not sure if i have the right events in the right order, i.e. login, once logged in, request etc. I'm using Intel XDK, does that sign the apk for me and do I need to check the box for Google play in plugins section of Intel? In the developer console, do I upload the apk to the beta testing area?... As you can see, I have a basic grasp of what needs to be done, but without screenshots and a tutorial, I'm kinda lost so far.

    I'd appreciate any screenshots of events or a simple capx example.


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