How do I Create A Good Logo?

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  • I want to make a good logo for my starting company but don't know where to start. I was wondering if anyone knew a good logo creator application or program. Also please comment any tips on how to start.

  • As imothep85 said you can try those links. But that is production part. Before that you should have to do the pre-production work. Take a paper, pencil and draw it.

    A logo should represent your product.


    Ideas, platform, game type, place where you from, no of people working in your project or any creative name. But It should have to be simple and easily remembered.

  • HZGaming

    you should start with finding inspiration.

    Why not type "logo" into the website of all websites and then click "images".

    Watch the magic unfold.

    Try to look for logos that use initials and see what others have come up with.

    Or, you can go for something completely different and attach it above or to the left of H Z Gaming.

    Have you tried to write the H and Z like a fraction and then Gaming beside it in a larger font?

    I am just suggesting this because sometimes it is good to have "something" because when you have something, something else might come along unlike when you have nothing. LOL (sounds kind of weird but that's how it is)

  • vancouver I love the idea of a h over a z but hzgaming actually isn't my company's name. Thanks for the help though.

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  • If you want to design your own logo, which might be a bit of a learning curve but a good way to develop skills I can give you a few tips.. Good logos need to be:

    1. Scalable - they should be created in such a way that they can scale up and down and remain clear (because of this professional logos are often done with vector graphics)

    2. They should translate well to black and white - in instances where the logo can't be reproduced in full colour it should be able to retain its character and clarity in mono

    3. Don't go overboard with too many colours, fonts, effects etc - look at all the biggest logos they're simple and clear, but memorable

    Most pro logos are done in vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator - but there are free alternatives. Give Inkscape a try if you want to have a go making on yourself. It's not an easy process but it's a valuable skillset to have.

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