How I create a ghost in racing game?

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  • Hi mates,

    I want to make a top-down racing game with "car" behaviour and I want to see the best lap with a ghost like in other racing games. How I can make it? Any tips?

    thanks in advance

  • The example in this thread might help..

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  • worked perfectly, thanks a lot!

  • Hi to everybody!....and sorry for my poor english...

    I'm making a 2d racing game and i want to implement this feature too. I've understanded the example and the use of array for this (thanks a lot!) and now i can record and playback only a single lap.

    I am not able to record every single lap and playback the values stored in array only if current lap is faster than best lap. I can't figure how to put values in array at same time i get values.

    I'll try to explain better: when I finish a lap and my car is running another lap, I must stop to "record" to make possible to retrieve the values previously stored, so i can't record actual lap.

    I hope you can understand my problem, but mostly I hope you can help me! !-)


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