How do I create my game world map?

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  • Hello guys, I have question. I'm creating a simple 2D game. Not a regular RPG game, so I do not need a tiled map for my characters to walk on. What I basically need is a map of my game world. I need to be able to zoom in and zoom out, also drag my map and show current location of player. So I need a map functionality like in this video

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    I already have a high res image of my map, just need to make it interactive.

    Can someone point me to the right direction, to some tutorial I cannot find... :/

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  • To zoom in and out you alter Set Layout Scale, +/- values probably on wheel scroll or however you want to trigger it. For the drag you could add drag/drop behaviour to lift the whole map, that should work well. You could also simulate by doing something like on mouse pressed down, create an invisible sprite at mouse.x with scroll to, kinda like an invisible camera, as you move the mouse, have the sprite move in the opposite direction away from the mouse and it will give the effect of dragging where really the camera is just moving.

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