How do I create a game with tiles/spaces?

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  • Has anyone come up with an efficient way to create a game with spaces/tiles? If you are not sure what I mean think checkers.

    I have seen a couple of ways people have been working on it (and seemingly struggling) and have thought of a few ways to do it. But I feel like there has to be a simpler and more efficient way.

    Is there a table object I'm missing? The rows and columns of a table would work fine. Has anyone used an array to keep track of the contents of their 'tile' game?

    I'm almost hoping that a 'tile' behavior (and object?) will be added. Could be paired easily with a tilemap (if you want a space in the tilemap to equal a space in the game). That would be a great help in making games like strategic combat games (like Xcom; FF tactics), board games, old school RPG type games, or sim games (like SimCity, Harvest Moon). Simple commands/events like 'if tile occupied' or 'move x tiles' would simplify some of these events sheets I've seen in examples.

    I have digressed, sorry. Let me know if you have tackled this. I don't usually mind finding complex solutions, but I feel like if basic html can create a table then I don't feel like spending my time reinventing that.

  • rexrainbow 's SquareTx and Board plugins.

  • As gumshoe2029 said, I had made a series of plugins for board game.

    You could use them to create bejeweled.

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  • Even better! I am a year or so behind rex's latest creations.

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