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  • Hello I was just wondering if theirs anyway that I can create a platform in a 2D format its hard for me to explain but I want to create a game like ---AdVenture Capitalist---- if you have ever heard about that game and also yes I no Construct t its only 2D and Iv looked at all there platforms and idk how to create this type of platform.... u might want to look at the game platform that i was talking about to have a better understanding THANKS! PS.... I have bought the version of Construct 2

  • You mean kongregate game Adventure Capitalist.

    Sure C2 can make it.

    Take a look at complete creation section to see games made by C2.

  • Ok Thanks....But what is like the right platform 4 it any idea?

  • Construct 2 is the perfect "platform". But I would recommend starting with a simpler game(s) until you get really comfortable with Construct2 (I know, no one wants to hear that). A game like your wanting to make will require mad organization on your part and lots and lots of logic.

    Try making a WAY scaled down version first... say a "Lemonaide stand simulator" or some such...

  • So.... The game im trying will be VERY hard? I'm just wondering but how? It seems simple and easy compared to other types of games....

  • It depends on your skill level, organization, and motivation how hard it will be. I am not trying to discourage you, just saying start with a smaller version of what you want to accomplish and then build onto it, you may be surprised at how something that should be simple in theory is actually quite complex in practice.

  • hmmm...... Thanks 4 the tip but i think ill still try to build the game idk how long the average app will take to build but im going to try to set a release date at the end of the year. XD I was just wonder on a scale of 1/10 how hard do u think this will be?

  • If you have your art assets, know basic programming, are familiar with construct2, and have good work ethic you could easily complete this much quicker than that. I give the basic logic framework a difficulty of 4. I give the data management, to include persistent data management and offline earning calculations and handling a difficulty of 6. However, unless your making a straight up clone, I give gameplay balance (ie. making it engaging and fun) a difficulty of 10.

    A quote comes to mind though... " "Level's Jerry, I'm building levels."

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  • Ok well thanks that actually help me with a lot of my question and no i will not be creating a complete clone XD Thanks~!

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