How can I create Game accounts?

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  • Hi,

    I'm wondering (if there is I haven't find it), if there is a way to create game account, for example:

    Put a login screen, and then the user can log to the game.

    If not, there is a way to create links to webpages?

    For example: If the user press a button object send him to:

    I would like to add accounts to my game... but I don't think I can do it.

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  • If you don't know mySQL and php or an equivalent you can probably forget about an account based system.

  • yeah all c2 can provide you with is the input boxes and the ability to send the info to a webpage. Beyond that youll have to do it yourself in php and then store that data so it can be used again somehow usually mysql

    You can see a fully working example right here

    I have registration disabled right now tho

  • hi,

    thanks for the answers.

    I know php & mysql, I'm new in C2, so I don't know how to send the information.

    Is there a tutorial or something?


  • look up the ajax object in the manual on the site here. Basically its the same as typing the site info into the address bar in the browser yourself. It wont work in the preview from c2 tho cause of cross site restrictions

    If you plan to make a game mainly focused to be played "online" get ready to get used to exporting and uploading to your webserver to test every change =/

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