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  • Hello, how create arcade game where move box 3x 50px width?

    This is tetirs but more complicated.
    I create:
    1. on start layout > create object > sprite - box (50px, 50px), i repeat this action 3x (on more sprite box i add 50px to width position)
    2. i add bullet behavior to object sprite - box
    3.  i create event on click left button in mouse, and i set action sprite > set bullet angle of motion to 90 degress
    Sorry for my English.
  • What isn't working?

  • Level 2 box if falls to level 1 (in floor) dont stop on level 1, only stop it floor

  • Help please

  • Give your black sprites and the floor a solid behavior and they should stop each other.

    If that don't work:

    In your events you stop the sprites if they hit the floor but don't stop them if they hit another sprite. You would need an "on-overlap-with-blacksprite" event to also set bullet speed to 0.

    To stop side-by-side sprites causing an overlap that stops them you will need to make sure their collision bounds are well within the edges of the shown sprite on its sides bus when fitting in a hole... isn't construct2 fun..t is at the edge in the bottom/top middle area so they stop each other vertically on overlap but don't overlap on sides with neighbors of the same "block"...

  • I dont know ;(

    Please, create capx example.

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  • I am not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish, my suggestions were pretty basic Construct2 concepts.

    When an object is selected in the layout view look to the left side of the interface and you will see properties of that object. In this area you can click "behaviors" and get a pop-up box to add behaviors to that object. Select all your objects and give them the solid behavior and see if that causes the effect you are after.

    Also add a .capx of what you have so far so we can tweak it rather than having to recreate it from scratch.

  • Have you made any effort to do this on your own? If so, post what you have, as it will make helping much easier.

    Asking for others to create it for you without making any effort will just annoy people.

  • I try but...


  • Help?

  • I got it working (the best I can tell based on your very vague description of game play and progress thus far).

    It at least now spawns level 2 as desired and it stops when it hit level 1. You had an of-screen block for spawning level2 so it fell into the game on mouse click, I moved it off screen so this didn't happen.

    One thing you need to consider, block alignment is going to be your main problem. If you remember in Tetris when you moved a piece it moved in grid increments (which was part of the fun.. tap, tap tap, drop).. you will need to create some way to make sure they are aligning correctly. I will get back with you if I think of an easy way.

    If you made sure all objects spawned at block width increments and instead of bullet to move you used a move-object-x-pixels (width of 1 block) at a time it might work.

  • Thanks.

    Maybe create grid and move blocks for 50 px?

    On end of game final screen (user WIN):

    On start game we see Level 1 block from set speed to 100. If level 1 blocks collision on gameFloor then show level 2 blocks where speed blocks = 150. Level 3 this is 2 block (not 3), and we must put this blocks on blocks level 2. We must create tower. We have 3 lives (if block fall to gameFloor then subtract 1 from lives - if lives <= 0 eng game).

    Do you have idea?

    Sorry for me english and thanks for help

  • How do the levels vary? Do you have to build different shaped towers each time or does it just get faster?

    I got some ideas but don't want to waste time on something that may not be what your envisioning.

  • This is VERY basic example of what you want.

    Just be aware - this is total basics - you need to learn C2 more, it seems you didnt do your homework at all on basic behaviours of C2...

    You need also learn about grid - it should help.

    Alternatively you can use coordinates to drop the blocks in exact positions.

    All this is available to you in C2 tutorials.

  • what you need to do is check for a collision with a sprite with a solid behavior so basically the sprites for the blocks and the floor and walls must be solid but the blocks must be affected by gravity...

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