How do I create a functioning vertical scrolling background?

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  • Hi,

    I recently posted about this although I wasn't getting replies. Sorry for posting a new question but this is very confusing for me. I've been creating a game for a while. The main objective of the game is to fly as far as you possibly can using a jetpack. Although the player only goes side to side, but the background is supposed to scroll down and then restart again making it look like the player is flying in an upward position. I have a copy of my alpha stage during this game.

    Here is the link for my game needing the right instructions: []

    Also all I'm currently focused on is the vertical scrolling background.

    Thank you!! This means so much!

    Note copyright images are used in this example.

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  • I was going to ask the same question. I was able to follow the Flappy Bird tutorial and scroll horizontally, but my testing project has the tile background in its own layout. I was able to make Eggmaster's tutorial where it scrolled upwards, but I couldn't get the actual background image to scroll with it.

    I also have to get the objects to scroll with it. Otherwise, I might have to just make the height of the background extremely large and just set objects in certain spots instead of randomly appear.

  • jasonbyre please have a look, if it's what you are looking for: ... xzNFk/view

    It's possible to do it with only one TiledBackground, but then the image that you use for the TiledBackgroundhas to be the exact size of the of the Layout. Like that: ... Vzc1U/view

    If you have any question, fell free to ask.

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