How do I create fps

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  • how do i make fps in construct 2 can it be done

  • make a text object,

    every tick-> set text: fps

  • how do i make fps in construct 2 can it be done

    No way near enough information to even make a useful answer.

    What exactly do you mean by fps?

    You do understand that this is a 2D creation system?

    Please ask a much clearer question for a clearer answer.

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  • FPS


    i have seen a video of a fps game i think it was wolfenstein clone done in construct unfortunately i cannot find that vid so i asked this question

  • It's technically possible to create a Wolfenstein style FPS, but a cursory glance didn't turn up any examples with working links. The technique used is called ray casting, so if you're determined to make it happen, that's where I'd suggest doing some research. But honestly, C2 isn't intended for making 3D games.

  • While it's true C2 is a 2d engine and therefore you can't create 3d games in it, you can however create pseudo-3d games, some of which look/work quite well.

    It seems quite complicated though, at least from what I've read on the subject so far. I'd recommend you start with this tutorial, then google for some others.

    I do however strongly suggest that you first try to create a couple of simple 2d games to at least get the grasp of things. Whatever you decide I wish you good luck.

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