How do I create fountain damage text similar to Borderlands

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  • How do I create a fountain damage text effect (at random) in the same style as in Borderlands 2? The text should do a fountain effect to the left and to the right, at random. The game character has physics behaviour, hence applying physics force or impulse at a random angle does not work (it would apply the impulse also at the character).

    Thank you in advance!

    Reference picture:

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  • Hi domn,

    I'd do this:

    1: give the text object the bullet behavior and in the text's bullet behavior properties:

    --Change "set angle" to "no"

    --play with the speed, acceleration and gravity values until you get the motion you want.

    2: After the text box is spawned, set the angle to 270 degrees + random(-45,45)

  • I made a simple demonstration in the Capx:


  • Thank you guys for your tips!

    Mulkaccino, your solution was exactly what I was looking for, thank you for that!!


  • Is the official name for this effect called fountain text? I've been calling them "pop tarts" for lack of a better name because they work similar to toaster/growlers.

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