How do I create a filter app using lists

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  • So I'm trying to do something fairly complex but hopefully one of you geniuses out there can solve it in 2 seconds.

    I'm going to try and be as specific as I can to help you out.

    I want to create a filter using lists to narrow down the number of results.

    User selects from 4 lists different selection criteria. These are the 4 lists.

    1. Color; red;green;blue

    2. size; small;medium;large

    3. Material;cotton;silk;leather

    4. Style;vintage;current;modern

    based on their selections, lets say... red small cotton and modern

    it would generate a list, could be just one or multiple, of items that fit that description.

    it would be drawing from a database of multiple items

    to continue, when a user clicks the button find my items it generates a list that would have three columns

    Designer, ID Number, and Location.

    Like i said there could be multiple items or just one that fit the LIST criteria selected by the user.

    ALSO and this is important, if a user doesn't select a list like leaves style blank, i want the list to populate all items that are tagged with either vintage, current, or modern.

    I'm open to using JSON to import a list from excel or any method.

    The thing i really need to know how to filter a list in a way that can return multiple items.

    For one more visual.

    Color: Red

    Size: Small

    Material: Blank

    Style: Vintage


    Designer | ID Number | Location |

    Joes | 383030 | Store 3 |

    Johns | 345454 | Store 1 |

    Hudson | 385353 | Store 5 |

    AA | 353550 | Store 3 |


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  • Well I gave it a shot. Creating the array should be done with JSON to be doable. Not by hand like I did.

    If you choose all top options, you will get 2 results, all second options and you get 1 result, all 3rd options and you also get 1 result. Everything else gives 0 results. But the mechanic works.

    If you could by any means filter these beforehand when querying the database, that would be better.

    Should you have more questions, about the capx or other. I'll be glad to answer them for you.

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