How do I to create a fake multiplayer?

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  • Hello, I am here again to bother. Why is this feeling of helplessness that I feel ... to this program, so easy to learn, how long to program. But, surely, it's just me that I have to work harder and I would do it if it were not that I have deadlines to meet.

    Now ... I have created a online strategic game singleplayer (and will be 100% active will post in the examples made ​​with Construct 2 and will offer access free of charge to all members of And I would like to modify it to create a fake multiplayer.

    In simple words, I want to make sure that every player can see other players move around the map but, absolutely, can not interact with it (except for the global chat). The game must be strictly "coop" and not "pvp".

    Advance notice of being already in possession of:

    internet domain + webspace

    a discrete quantity of static and dynamic IP addresses

    A server whose characteristics are the following:

    HP Server Xeon Six-Core 2.1GHz (8MB Cache per processor, 48MB total)

    4 banks of RAM 16GB (64GB total)

    6 Sata HDD 1TB each (6TB total)

    2 Video Cards (connected in series to increase performance) GeForce GTX 6GB TITAN (TITAN I wanted to take the "Z" but I have a limited budget)

    Internet Access Company via optical fiber to Fastweb subscription 100MB / s traffic limited to 200GB per month (if the game is good I guess I'll have to increase).

    As always, I apologize for any grammatical errors. I'm working towards Google Translator and look, courteous, your answers.

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  • I almost forgot ....

    I want to make sure that the players see each other, it is true, but I also make sure that you recognize. I must therefore make sure that on each player there is a name for all to see.

  • In the past I have found a way to make the multiplayer game, but it seemed a little 'difficult and expensive for the resources of the computer and the server.

    In other words, I had found a way to access the server through a client program players to HOC. Through the client, players accessed the server and the game did start automatically. Were recorded, created its own identity and they began to benefit on the server, without downloading anything unless the client just 2MB.

    The system was perfect, all access to the server created a new device that could play freely without interfering with the other players. Unfortunately, we could not classify true multiplayer because the players could see the evolution of the other players only after a new login. Within the game never met and there was a risk that more players should build, for example, a catapult or a tower by placing it in the same spot on the map of another player. At that point, the server crashed or overwriting the data result in system failure not just.

  • Thank you but I had already noticed. In previous posts I have said that they have little time to keep up and I was hoping for a solution in a tutorial-style-mix.

    The game's launch is scheduled for March 2015 and wanted to see if I could increase it in time.

    The game, which I can not yet disclose the name, allows several players to access them with your device (smartphone, tablet or computer) showing only a name, choosing one of the four predefined classes free and embark on an adventure, being able to determine their own future, they are still there 36 missions divided into a gigantic map.

    Since this is a game that includes cannibalism, I wanted to make sure that players could be seen to cause further discomfort when deciding who should be last on the land.

  • The game ends when only one remains alive. It restarts after 24 hours allowing for a new "game" and substantial benefits that can access the winner.

  • That is one beast of a server. Is there any particular reason that it need such a configuration of GPU? I've never heard of a server needing that kind of GPU to operate..

  • For work, I run a server for multiplayer online games made by others. I have the technology, their games! I run them on my server and clients can connect to play this or that game. Because the job allows me to do, I wanted to try my hand in person to create one myself.

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