How do i create an event to separated the same sprite

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  • Imagine this you want to drag n drop ten of the same tree sprite that belong to a tree family

    And you want to chop them individually with same variable.

    How would i do about that because I for the love of kittens cannot figure out how to do it. I even bought the program to try to use family without duplication million of the same sprite and code. I have tried to search for any tutorial but all of the tutorial doesnt explain how the event code doesn't get them to be different instances

    Lastly how come there is no farm simulator here because the game im creating is similar to that.

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  • I found a work around cant say i like it. I simply changed it up to just collision only. But still is there a way to have key press in family? because at currently It force player to chop tree down when they would not want to because i plan on having monsters or zombies being blocked by trees sort of like a choice do you knock down the tree to get loot or do you leave it

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