How do I create a educational app multiplayer

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  • I need to create a demonstration of a multiplayer educational app and I don't know how to start it. It's not a game. It's a an application used to answer questions about the subject discussed in class, simultaneously among all students. The system has to verify answers and define the order. Only this. I wonder if it's very complex, what are the project stages, some examples, etc. Any help will be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • Teacher is/has host.

    Has list of all connected peers.

    Sents out 1 question to all peers.

    Peer only sees question and answer box.

    Peers answer.

    Teacher sees on screen all given answers, if any given.

    If these are just open question, you cold almost treat it like a chat. Only the peers/students only see question/answer box, and host/teacher sees all the peers with the answers given.

  • Hi lennaert

    • Who's started the "test" could be a host (more the one teacher will use the same application)? In this case, could I give permission for some users start the test?
    • All this questions will be write before (a day a go, for example). So, the students will need to answer all questions simultaneously.
    • The system should be check the questions automatically
    • Everyone can see the answers and who hit them after finish the time (Sorry, I forgot to say that there is a time limit to respond).
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  • You could have a login layout, teacher requiring a password.

    Or have a teacher app and a student app.

    You will need to store the questions and answers somewhere, out of reach for the students likely .

    All definitely possible.

  • Okay. The steps would be those you mentioned in the previous post? Is it very complicated to do? Is it possible to find tutorials to help me develop these steps? Thanks.

  • There are not many tutorials around relating to multiplayer.

    The problem lays in its diverse application in relation to needed mechanics.

    So many roads to Rome ...

  • Someone else could give me a hand with this issue?

  • Sorry to insist guys, but I really need some help to understand this issue and I really intend to develop this project with C2. I just need a (long ) conversation about multiplayer stuff. I've read the tutorials and I need clarify what are the steps needed to build the application (only for android from what I understand). Thanks in advance for any help.

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