How do I create dynamic lighting in rooms in a building?

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  • It seems every week I come to the How do I thread having been defeated by a problem more difficult than the last. For this week's challenge of "dyanmic" lighting, I've tried and failed and tried and failed again, so I finally resorted to coming here for to ask for help.

    Basically what I want to do is give the rooms in my building "dynamic" light. Its not extremely complicated; the setup of my game is that I have a building with 3 floors each with one compartment ("room") or more, which are separated by 3 objects (ie, ground, walls and doors), and each room having a light at the top of it. The doors can be opened by opened and closed by my player to move between rooms. The idea (what I'm trying to do) is have the whole building covered in darkness, and have light objects casting light into the rooms they are in, and possibly some portion of the next room depending on if the doors separating those rooms are open or not and the position and angle of light. Something like how the light object and shadow caster method works, but instead of casting shadows over a light layout, casting light through a dark room ie, dark layout (I think that's how it would work. I don't know, I'm making random guesses.) Basically what I want is just to have light cover a room and rooms next to it that don't have light (partially lit) if there's an open door in between and when that door is closed for the light to stop moving into the unlit room, ala, "Dynamic Lighting"

    P.S. I tried the light object and shadow caster, but they didn't seem to work out for me, maybe I was missing something.

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