How do I create a dynamic 360 degrees shadow for a car?

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  • For my top down racing game I'm creating shadows for each object to create a depth illusion. This is easy for most object, as they're stationary. However the car can rotate a complete 360 degrees, which means the shadow always has a different shape and angle and position in comparison to the car. Creating 360 different shadow images sound like an awefull lot of work tho, and I was wondering if there's an easier way to do this.

    So if anyone has any tips on how to approach this they are most welcome.


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  • There is a shadow functionality in C2, however I haven't used it a lot, so not sure how it works. Its called Shadow caster and can be added as a behaviour to the object.

  • [attachment=0:3u4jrekd][/attachment:3u4jrekd](Light is positioned next to the steerlight above the car. Light is set at a height of 200px, and the car at 10px. This was the best result I could get.)

    I've tried the shadowcaster, as it seemed like a good solution for the use of shadow throughout the game. However the shadow is on top of the vehicle, which ofcourse looks kind of ridiculous. Do you know of any other way to accomplish this?

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