How do I create a dynamic back-end for my game?

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  • Hi,

    Long story short, I was asked to create a dynamic back-end for a game developed in Construct2 either by using xml or a database.

    I realise that i can load text from a xml file into a text box in the game through Ajax requests which means I can easily change or read the problem statements from the xml. However, as far as I'm told there is no direct way to dynamically change a game's structure.

    For instance, consider a game divided in 6 chapters where you have a small drag-and-drop game chapter 4 but when you change your problem statement / read a different xml you actually want that mini-game to show in chapter 2. Is it possible to do this with a dynamic approach or would i have to edit it in C2?

    I'm sort of new to Construct so i may not be aware of its full capabilities. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • If the amount of options are limited, or able to be support with a dynamic approach in mind (supporting a different order dynamically) I see no problems really.

    As a simple example

    Just imagine having a layout for each chapter, and whatever order of events lead to the next chapter being X .... then simply have it load layout X at the end of that statement .... (X could be determined by a variable, which is manipulated along the way)

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