How do I create a drawing mechanic in Construct?

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  • I created somewhat of a prototype of a section in my game that involves drawing. I implemented the easiest way somewhat draw. But every time I draw, there's tiny dots making a trail.

    Here's my technique how I did the glitchy drawings:

    1. I make a tiny dot outside the layout

    2. I test if the dot is coming to my mouse

    3. I make the tiny dot copy itself onto mouse.x, mouse.y, when the cursor left button is down.

    Hope you understand. If not, tell me.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • As far as out of the box Construct 2 instances of a dot/sprite is pretty much the closest to an actual drawing you will get.

    You can look into the third-part addon "Canvas" and/or "Paster" which could provide you with possibly more advanced features concerning pixel manipulation.

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