How do I Create 8 Direction Enemy Movement Like Battletoads?

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  • Whatsup peeps, I was wondering if I could get a hand on my enemy movement creations.ive been up for days trying to figure out how to make flawless enemy movements that track your players X and Y cords.

    I understand how to make my enemies move about,but I can never get them to work correctly.

    Im basically trying to make my enemies suround my character from front to back on the y axis.I dont want my enemies to always approach my character from the same side.Is it possible to make like 3 to 4 enemies perform like this?If so could someone with the skill necessary to achieve this goal give me a would be very appreciated.Thanks guys

  • Can someone give me a hand please.Im sorry for double posting,I just dont have unlimited time to actually get help and be online.

  • I would also like to know alittle bit about this aswell.

    Im looking for something similar but if i can get help along with you Guy,It would make my project that much better.

    Im trying to find out how make my enemys always mimic the players Y cords so once i spawn my enemy from the left or right side of the screen,The player cant go around them at all.

    I might make a seperate post but i seen this and just figured two questions with one post.It seems to fit here.

    But thanks guys.

    hope to get help soon

    EDIT: I actually just figured out how to make my character always keep the same Y axis as my enemy.

    But what im looking for is Once my player moves up or down i want the enemy to react to the change but im not looking for every tick,i want the enemy to change position maybe a half second later than my player if that makes sense.I know how to make my enemy change position but it jumps,Im looking for a smooth transition

    Im just trying to make my player feel like the enemy is boxing you in,

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  • Thats pretty much what im after aswell.I hope to get help soon.I have to go back home soon.

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