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  • Hello Guys! o/

    I'm new here and want a little help in my project. I love C2 but there is a lot o things that i dont know, and sure, i want to learn ^^

    I created a project using the C2 example "Auto-Runner" and put a mario sprite on it xD. Now i want to create the floor with super mario sprites too. But i want to use different tiles for the sides of the plataform, the top (where the player is running) and the corner too. There's a tile for each one but i dont know how to create it like it is created in the Example, with just one tiled background. So i want to generate just like the example, but with diferent sprites for the sides, top and corner. Hope you guys understanded. And Sorry for my English, not my native language.

    The CAPX:

  • You can add the different tiles to your sprite using "edit animations" and then set the animation frame, as described nicely in this tutorial:

    P.S. Why not make up something new instead of using Mario?

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  • Thanks for the help, i will try it!

    PS: i'll not use mario.I just used the sprite a had, it's like my defaut sprite xD

  • Hey Mike, the tutorial was really nice, i loved it!

    But thats no what i'm looking for. I want a way to generate random blocks/floor with the diferent tiles in the right place, just like the example.

    But the tutorial was a great help for me too!

  • Do you mean you want a platform which is say 4 blocks long to be made up of LEFT-MIDDLE-MIDDLE-RIGHT block? If so you can use a loop from 1 to platform length if/then type statements to determine which kind of block to show based on how long the platform is

    loopindex = 1 then create "LEFT" block

    loopindex >1 and < platform length then create "MIDDLE" block

    loopindex = platform length then create "RIGHT" block

    Or did I misunderstand the question again?

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