How do I create a damage spring that extends and retracts?

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  • Looking for some insight. I'm trying to create a spring type damage object that consists of two pieces, a spring and a damage block on the end (the spring is able to be passed through but the block is solid and causes damage). I am trying to have the spring extend quickly after a couple seconds toward player, sit extended for a second or two and then retract toward the starting position slowly.

    I have tried growing a sprite with set width but I think I'm doing something wrong because I can get it to extend but it will not retract.

    Also, I would like to have the damage block on the end able to have the player grab once its extended, pull back by moving backwards and once the button is released have the spring retract quickly toward the starting point, destroying it.

    Looking for the best way to pull this off. So,

    1) Damage block pinned infinitely to the end of the spring, moving with it

    2) Extend and Retract

    3) Grab block on extend, pull back and release to damage starting point

    Hopefully someone has a good idea on how to pull off this idea. I would appreciate any advice or insight thanks!

  • bump?

  • Hey EVAPilot

    Got some time and build something. Basically a simple, step by step implementation.

    Please open in C3 -!Ap_-qxoGKbDcg0LU0_ktA2tR3xAs

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  • Awesome kriand that is perfect, exactly what I was looking to implement! Thanks for taking the time to throw that together I will take a look through the events to implement this in C2. Thanks again!

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