How do I create custom loading screen for CocoonJS

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  • Well the subject basicly says it all.

    The loading screen is now with a loading bar(standard construct2). It works but is very small and not very attractive.

    How to make it look better?

  • Are you talking about Ludei's splash screen ? You can import one in the configuration settings before you compile your project but it won't get rid of Ludei's Splash Screen as it is mandatory at the moment & their gonna be introducing a paid service soon that'll include the option to get rid of it .

    If your talking about the loading screen from C2 - That'll always show up when the user is playing the game for the first time, its installing the C2 engine (I believe) at that moment . After the game has loaded for the very first time, it won't be there the next time you play . Because the C2 engine has already installed, for that reason their isnt really a need for a loading bar since nothing is loading, you could make your first layout your splash screen tho & add the loading bar object to it. *That might look strange to those playing your game for the first time because theyll be seeing two loading bars before they even see or click a "Start Game" button - some users might go as far as deleting the game after the first time playing under the assumption that everytime they play there gonna have to go thru two load screens not to mention Ludei's Splash screen.

    But again if you insist - use the loading bar object (in C2) & add that to your first layout - you can't get rid of ludei's splash screen till they roll out their paid subscription service

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  • Thank you for your response. No Ludei splash is not a problem.

    As it is now I have to enable loading construct 2 so you see a bar or percentage (the standard loading) If I dont do that Ill have a flikkering Cocoonjs splash screen.

    However it looks really akward the loading of construct 2. And it happens everytime you start the app.

    Thanks again for trying to help

  • Maybe I didn't explained it well. So for me the only way to get rid of the flickering ludei splash screen is to enable loaderstyle.

    So when I set it to nothing, the flickering comes back. However the loader style construct 2 is very hard to the eye and everytime you load your app it is shown.

    So I try to use my custom loading screen, however so far that did not work. So my basic question is how to get rid of that ludeis splash stops flickering without the loader style.

    Thanks again for any help and apolagies for my bad english

    PS its for android

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