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  • Hi

    I want to create a custom version of the default list plugin for my game since the default version look very ugly.

    I remember reading once in a thread here that someone did this already due to the default list not supported by coccoonjs.

    If so, can someone link me to it? I cannot find it <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    If not, can someone teach me how they would approach doing a custom list?

    I really require the help.

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  • I don't know about this plugin you are looking for, sorry.

    If I was to do a custom list, it would go like this :

    • have a variable (an array ?) with the list options,
    • have a variable linked to the list, "SelectedOption"
    • use a 9patch for the design of the list (when not clicked) and a text for displaying the SelectedOption
    • have a sprite on the right of the list (the arrow to show all options) that calls a function to show the list
    • showing the list would be building multiple "option" objects, each one being a text, and then have a tiled background for the background of the list. Each option would have a "mouseover" to add some sort of focus (bold, new background, ... your choice)
    • clicking an element in the list would update the value of the selectedOption on the list, change the main text, and destroy all options
  • It's good for building a list if there's no space limitation.

    What I am looking for is more of how to show the players that there are more elements/ choices in the list than what is shown and how to implement a scrolling mechanism so the players can slide the options/ elements around until they find one that they like.

  • Can someone help?

    I still in the dark here, so can a kind soul teach me how to do a custom list?

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