How do I create custom color picker

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  • Hi

    how to create custom color picker? like the way they do in flash as3

  • Do you mean swatches? This is a new feature in the upcoming Construct 3, which you can try right now for free at

  • yes can't i do that in construct 2? you click the image that has custom made color or swatches then the box(a solid color) will change

  • Do you mean as part of your game or as part of the construct interface?

    You should be able to create this with the paster plugin by R0J0hound.

  • as part of the game ... it is something like coloring art book for kids

    like this

    but unfortunately i have no knowledge in coding that :p

  • Picking a color is no problem, as long as it is a limited set of colors. Animation frames could take care of that

    How do you plan on applying the colors, or rather the actual coloring part? That is going to be the harder. Although I do have some ideas with blend modes... It depends on how complex the areas you will be filling will be. How many pieces/areas to color per picture? How many pictures are you planning on creating?

  • a simple pick/click color change on the target object. lets say a hair of the character

    i can do the point and click button for example and change the target object through animation frames. what i cant do is the custom unlimited color

  • like this html5 dressupwho[dot]com/games/snow-white-patchwork-dress/

    the hair section. a simple pick/click color change on hair... it is unlimited color

  • Here's how I would approach this - ... s.PNG?dl=0

    There are a few prerequisites:

    You're going to need to manually crop out each area to be colored individually, and import them all and line them up together.

    Each "coloring block" and "coloring area" needs to have its own layer with the "Force own texture" layer property set.

    The color picker is actually just an illusion, its not really unlimited - you can import as many colors into your color block sprite as you can handle (128 would probably give a suitable illusion that it is "unlimited"). I'm pretty sure the link you sent me doesn't have truly unlimited colors either. You can probably get away with just 64 and no one would be able to tell. Seems tedious to set up that many frames, but you only have to do it one time. (Making 12 took me about one minute).

  • Thanks oosyrag I'll study it..but what is the array for and whats the use of that haha sorry im noob and still grasping in the dark

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  • Sorry I used another example as the base for this one, I forgot to delete the array, it isn't being used.

    Let me know if you have any other questions I'll be happy to explain further.

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